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A Dutch dream, created by a descendants of Dutch family that dreamed of honoring the Dutch colonies in Brazil and reproducing in the city of Nova Petrópolis the life of a today’s typical Dutch city. That is how the ZAANDAM CITY was born. In honor of the city of the River Zaan, small river in the province from North of Holland, in the northwest of the Netherlands, a beautiful city close to Amsterdam.

In this beautiful city the visitor will find in details all aspects of way of life in a Dutch village, from the miller's house to the fisherman, a museum, a giant windmill, a brewery… after all, no one makes beer better than the Dutchmen, music - and of course good traditional Dutch food with the best of people from Nova Petrópolis.

If you want to have fun, be enchanted and get to know how is a Holland city in Brazil, you can't miss the opportunity and come to visit the most Dutch city in Brazil!

A city fulfills everything that your imagination expects: mills, typical houses, cheese factory, the famous Dutch waffles - stroopwaffel and unique gastronomy. 

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Zaandam City is a cultural and gastronomic space, which aims to provide our customers a unique and innovative experience, the best of Dutch culture, as well as a place with the history of the people who developed our region and the region success.

Gastronomy translates an art that has been consolidated over the years, so we want to provide greatest pleasure to those who enjoys eating.

The iconic houses are home to different experiences, let’s walk through here:



Café Astoria


Cooperativa Sicredi


Heineken Brewery


Coca-Cola fun


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