Weekly Schedule



Dutch Night

The greatest show on earth awaits you on a very special night, where you will be moved by the saga of the people who changed the world.
It will be two hours of pure emotion and joy, with the presentation of actors, a light and sound show, in synergy with our unique Dutch cuisine… from snacks to main dishes, ending with the best sweets in the world. All of this to take you to an extraordinary experience.
Here you will know why God created the world and the Dutch created Holland.
Fun and a lot of learning about the history of this incredible people.
If I were you, I would already guarantee your place. Places are limited.
Informations and reservations by phone +55 54 99202-3192.

Starts in August 2021
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays: from 8 pm to 10 pm

Double brew Thursday

We are inspired by the Dutch capital, known for having a spirit of freedom, authenticity, respect and receptivity. Amsterdam is full of stories! So, on Thursdays, Zaandam City becomes Amsterdam.

You can enjoy a super happy hour!

Every Thursday from 6 pm to 8 pm with double brew and our DJ, accompanied with our wonderful menu.

Come create stories here with us in the best Dutch style.

Nordic Night

Every Friday a different story in an environment that breathes authenticity, freedom, animation, culture and art.

Get ready for an evening with the best music, the most vibrant and beautiful people, the best selection of beers, drinks and that energy for you to want to disable all notifications!

Nordic Night takes place every Friday at 8pm.

Dutch Feijoada

Did you know that part of the northeast was colonized by the Dutch? That is, today everyone could be speaking the dutch language here in Brazil. The Dutch created Nova Holanda, also known as Dutch Brazil, where they occupied a large part of the Northeast region of Brazil.

Keeping alive this history shared between the two countries, through culture, the first bridge in Brazil, among other works previously unheard of in the region.

To remember this, we decided to create a bond between the two cultures with the Feijoada do Holandês, beans, a typical Brazilian dish with the spice that the Dutch brought from the Indians and that as a result, created this unique, tasty and incredible delicacy.

Every Saturday at noon, in addition to our traditional menu you can enjoy our feijoada with a little history.

There are four types of feijoada and you can help yourself:
– Traditional, just beans.
– Artisanal sausage feijoada.
– Pork ribs feijoada
– Feijoada with all the best from Holland.
– Accompanies rice, orange, cabbage and home-made flour.

Adult price: R $ 59.00
Child price: R $ 30.00 (from 04 to 10 years)

Annual Agenda

Carnival in the Netherlands

If you want tranquility in a busy period, we have the perfect place, here in Zaandam City.

You can now train your moves, prepare the best costume with good energy and get into the Carnival atmosphere with Zaandam City every year with a lot of joy, colors and love.

Easter in the Netherlands

The most beloved holiday of the year, Easter in the Netherlands.

March 19th to April 4th!

There will be games, there will be joy, there will be Easter.

Save the date, on 19, 20, 21, 27 and 28 March and 1, 2, 3 and 4 April, from 12 pm to 4 pm and from 6 pm to 9 pm we will have games, stories and face paintings.

King's Day

The King’s Day (Koningsdag) is nothing less than the biggest holiday in Holland, where the birthday of King Guilherme Alexandre Claus Jorge Fernando is celebrated.

Date: April 27

Here in Zaandam City, we have an incredible party, with parades, all in orange uniforms, music, DJs and lots of entertainment. Schedule yourself and come and celebrate this great party with us

October is birthday party month

To celebrate our opening anniversary, the whole month of October we will make the ZAANDAM PARTY, with draft beer, typical food, in exclusive tents for you to drink and celebrate our anniversary.

Christmas Sinterklaas

Holland is a destination for all seasons, and it couldn’t be different on this very special date!

Every year on November 15th, Christmas starts here in Zaandam City with the arrival of Sinterklaas and runs until January 31st.

With a special program: Sinterklaas Christmas, Santa Claus, shows, Christmas dinner and many surprises for you and your family.

Have you ever thought about spending Christmas in Holland? Now you can!

New Year's Eve show

On the 31st of December, we prepared a fireworks show, New Year’s Eve supper and a lot of parties in the best Dutch style for you and your family!